Streamlined Shift Trading

What is WorkBlast?

Designed to supplement rather than replace your existing scheduling solution, WorkBlast is a simple tool that allows workers and managers to easily offer and pick up shifts


No more calling, emailing, or texting. With WorkBlast, you can offer up a shift to employees or coworkers with the push of a button.


WorkBlast's rubust notification system ensures that all parties are notified in a timely, reliable manner.


WorkBlast works right out of the box. No credit card. No company meeting. No on-boarding. No training. And no integrations of any kind.

Create Pools

Create shift trading pools by department, position, skill set, or location, whatever suits your needs.

Send Blasts

One button offers offers up a shift. The first person to claim it, gets it!


Managers can request multiple workers for a single shift, and the offer will remain open until all slots are filled.

Managers Have Control

Managers decide who is allowed to offer shifts, and they can approve or reject trades between workers.


WorkBlast is currently Free. Enjoy!